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For parents, Welcome to the World is a way to offer bilingualism to their children. Every room is a playroom where children interact with graduated and native child carers and educators in groups of a maximum of 6 people. In this way we ensure an exposition long enough to the language so that any child can acquire it as a second language.

For Children, Welcome to the World is the playroom out of their home and in English. A place to play, sing, dance and much more with a teacher always with them and where everyday is a new adventure.

Get in touch with us if you are a native speaker and love children and education. We would love to meet you!

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Barbara Zurer Pearson, PhD.
“Children learn their first language in a natural way through the interaction with their parents with no need of a formal education. Doing some planing they may learn a second language in the same way, in a natural way and without classes”.
Barbara Zurer Pearson, PhD.Bilingualism experthttp://www.zurer.com/pearson/bilingualchild/

In Welcome to the World we count on specialists in Early Years Education graduated and native who reproduce in each classroom the friendly environment and natural atmosphere of communication belonging to the home.


The demand for best quality early childhood education centers all over the world has increased in past time, as guardians have become aware of profit of early childhood education for their kids.

Now parents want their child to achieve best and most advance education as they understand that this investment at kid’s early ages will ensure his/her success in future.


When your kid is interested, curious and creative, he/she can come up with the answer to the query which they face in every day. Creativity helps your kid to become analytical, thoughtful and a confident learner in their later years of schooling.

An important way that your kid is using her creativity is by analyze with the art element. As they holds that express and starts scribbling, you will see that their art and writing pattern changes from time to time and becomes more complex and controlled as they grows.

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